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Continent map

The North
Vojska Horde Lands:
The Northern end of the continent is dominated by the Vojska Horde, the collective name of the various barbarian tribes. Each tribe is lead by a Vodja (called Vodja [tribe name]). The tribes almost never cooperate. Only a very powerful and charismatic leader has ever been able to unite the tribes or even to get them to meet peacefully (other than during the Heafstaag). Heafstaag is an annual gathering of all the clans that lasts about a week during which no fighting (other than mead fueled brawls) is allowed, many competitions of skill and strength are held, alliances are reached, and trade agreements are made.

The Central Desert
Woestyn Tribe Lands:
The center of the continent is dominated by a gigantic desert. It is controlled by a loose federation of tribes that extort protection money from caravans and raid border towns. They are called Woestyn tribes, each of the tribes is lead by an Oudering. Most of the tribes control either an oasis or a cave system with a spring.

The South
Ladro States:
The Southern peninsula and the nearby islands are controlled by the Ladro families. Each family is headed by a Principe, their main subordinates are called Ufficiale. The families control groups of merchants and pirates. They dominate all sea trade. They are the only ones who have explored what they believe to be another continent that is about 2-3 months away to the East by sailing ship.

The East
Mythischen Mountains:
The Eastern coast is almost entirely a mountain range. They are full of caves, mines, and halls some empty, some occupied. The occupied halls are mostly by dwarven clans. Only a few of the clan elders know how many clans there are and where they are. The major clans and where they live are well known to both the other clans and nearby surfacers. The members of most clans know which clans are nearby and where they live but don’t generally know much of anything about a non-major or distant clan. The leader of each clan is the hereditary head of the core family and is called K├Ânig. As a group the clans are called the Mythischan after the legendary leader of the first dwarf clan to enter the mountains and create a hall.

The West
Hynaf City States:
The Western edge is controlled by dozens of city-states, each vying for political domination of the others. They are all part of a confederation and when there have been threats of invasion they quickly band together to defeat the threat, though they are just as quickly to go back to their political infighting. Each city has it’s own method of government and choosing their leaders, who are called Brenin.

The Rest of the Continent
The land that none of the tribes, families, city-states, or clans claim (and somewhat on the borders of those lands) is controlled by various groups of goblinoids, orcs, etc… Dragons are not uncommon, though most spend their time attempting to divine the future and contemplating the stars. Only a few involve themselves other races, most of those that do dabble in the politics of the civilized races though it is rare that they do it for power. The good dragons see it as their duty to help and protect (sometimes from themselves – which isn’t always appreciated by the people they’re protecting from themselves) while the evil ones are usually trying to see if their theories and predictions will come true (no matter what happens to the unfortunate subjects of their experiments).

Racial Relations
There is very little racial enmity among the civilized races, largely because none of the various lands are dominated by a single race. The most racially homogeneous is the Mythischen Mountains but even in those mountains there are humans, gnomes, and halflings. There is still some tension between the various races (i.e. dwarves think elves are too aloof and elves think dwarves are too stiff necked) but nothing serious.

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